Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Relearning Microsoft, with bonus keyboard adventure!

Before we came over I bought a new Apple laptop and loaded all of my documents and programs onto it from my desktop at work.  Theoretically I would have a seamless transition here, as my new laptop would work just like my computer back home.  The complication?  Indya desperately needs a laptop for teaching, so she's taken mine.

It's not that big a deal, my office at the faculty of law has a relatively new Compaq desktop running Windows.  The main problem is that I abandoned Windows for a reason, I hated it.  Here's a great example why:

Yep.  When I do a search for files I get some "help" from "Power Pup," a super hero dog.  It's not bad enough the stupid search did not find what I wanted, I needed power pup to deliver the news to me, while wagging a nonsensical flag (with LSU colors no less) and grinning at me like a moron.  I still like the dog better than the talking paperclip though.

The adjustment is also slightly slowed by the Slovenian keyboard I'm using.  See if you can spot the differences:
The biggest problems are that the Y and the Z are transposed, presumably because Z is a much more important letter in Slovene than in English.  As far as I can tell the Slovenian "y" is almost completely useless, as they use "j" for the "y" sound.  Further, they've hidden the @ sign on the "v" key, requiring the use of control and alt to use it.  But at least I have easy access to č and ć and ž and š, all favorites in my scholarship.


  1. The Microsoft Pup --> adorbs! I can't imagine why you don't love it. Sorry to steal your new laptop. You can have it back as soon as I get my own ;-)


  2. hoornashbyma@aol.comSeptember 17, 2014 at 4:49 AM

    FIRST OFF: love an "anonymous" comment signed Indya!! Next: loving your entry: "theoretically I should have had a seamless transition here". Ben! Ben! Ben! When in the History of Humankind has any transition been seamless!!!??? Wish to further note that the pup is cute; not capable of noticing differences in keyboard; and any changes to the board to which I am accustomed would increase my Handicap Status by 1000.
    You are a Pioneer Warrior Here. .... Keep Calm and Carry On! Much love..mom

  3. I thought by going to Control Panel >> Region & Languages >> Keyboards, you would be able to select Slovak (QWERTY) or Slovenian (QWERTY) -- but I don't see any option for Slovenian, so it's QWERTZ. Very annoying for any touch typist. The diacritics are ok for learning if you type in Slovenian (/Slovak for me).

    You can also turn off the personal assistant (but I forgot how, try google?), depending on your Win 7 / 8/ XP (soon to be non-supported).

    I think the Z-Y switch follows the German standard.

    Also glad you like the cakes.