Sunday, March 8, 2015

Slovenian weekend

What is a typical weekend in Ljubljana?  I have no idea, but this weekend, for us, it included:

1. Thursday night we saw Hamo and Tribute 2 Love, a band that reminded me of Joe Cocker crossed with Steppenwolf.  Rock and Roll is alive and well in Slovenia!


2. Friday night we visited the temporary exhibit of the European Space Expo.  Their program is small, but they did serve wine, so public support is high.  Maybe NASA should try this?

Then a little dessert at Zvezda, one of our favorite sweet shops:

3. Saturday: Sleepovers for the girls!  They have not had as much time with friends this year as normal, so these social events are more appreciated than ever.

And a little spring cleaning - our yard is blooming!

4. Sunday: A short ski trip for me (nobody else wanted to go!)  and I wanted to ski at least once in Slovenia before the snow is gone.   I left the house at 7:30, hit the slopes of Vogel above Lake Bohinj by 9:30am, skied for 3 hours, had a snack and got home by 2pm.  Lift tickets 29 Euros, equipment rental 14 Euros.  Not bad!

Slovenians ski really well.

The gondola up was the scariest part.

5. And now Sunday afternoon and evening: grading papers and planning classes for the coming week.    And laundry.  Whoohoo!