Sunday, September 7, 2014

Ljubljana Wine Festival

This week was the 60th anniversary Ljubljana Wine Festival, when Ljubljana lives up to its name as the "city of vine and wine."  The list of events included wine tastings, chef's pairings, and "events for the children" including "an introduction to the life of the vine" and "responsible drinking."  Needless to say I convinced the girls to accompany me to the festival.  I didn't haul them them all the way to Europe to miss out on underage wine tastings.  Here are some "before" pictures of our tastings.

I don't have to worry too much about responsible drinking based upon the "after" pictures.

They actually liked dessert wines much better, and I tasted some yummy wines, so a good time was had by all.  Vino!


  1. Really love this entry, Ben: "I didn't haul them all the way to Europe to miss out on underage wine tastings." (Big Smile Here!!!) You sound just like John Hoorn about his two daughters, Kathy and me at 13. All of this and remembering you and Jacob in Europe at pretty much the same ages, makes my heart sing....Such a world out there and what a gift to the girls to discover the challenges of respecting other cultures and feeling comfortable with adventures. I love you ps: I think the girls' faces should immediately be bought by an anti-teenage drinking ad agency. Perfect.

  2. H Dad! You have indeed encouraged me from ever drinking again. I think I'm more of a chocoholic than an alchoholic thank you very much! :) Love you! Dahlia

  3. That's from Molly! :). I don't know how to post a comment properly...