Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hiking Slovenia

I finally got to hike!  Saturday Bobo and I hiked up Smarna Gora.  It is sort of like Ljubljana's House Mountain, except there are lots of shrines and of course a nice cafe on the top.  Apparently both Jesus and Mary hiked up this mountain outside Ljubljana - I even saw indentations in a rock where Mary knelt.  There is a bell which girls ring for good luck in love.  I rang it, but Ben did not appear.....  My favorite shrine was to a saint who stopped the onslaught of a Turkish infidel.  As soon as the Turkish leader's body hit the ground, all his followers turned to stone.  It's woodsy most of the way, but pastures on the top, complete with cows and their bells.

Sunday all 4 of us went to this amazing canyon on the far side of Lake Bled called Vintgar Gorge (Soteska Vintgar).  Really cool boardwalk along a rushing series of waterfalls.  Crystal clear water.

A good weekend.

Sunday nights are hard, with the week looming and so much to do to feel minimally prepared for 6 different classes.   But it's getting a tiny bit easier.  Or at least I'm growing more accustomed to the chaos of being a new teacher.  

Below Dahlia presents her model of a complex village.  Good bye paleo times, hello neo-lithic era.  Next you can see Georgia's class making hieroglyphics in clay, just like those Ancient Egyptian scribes!  I think Georgia has done this exact activity 2-3 three times before, but she still liked it.  And overall playing with clay was a HUGE hit.   The two kids who tend to be the most disruptive were super engaged.  So more hands-on stuff.   We don't have smart boards, but I am learning how to use Apple TV with my iPad, so that's been super helpful.  

No easy smiles, but yummy cakes
People here don't greet you unless they know you.  No casual smiles or 'hey howya doing'.  People do make eye contact, but with a straight face.  I know it's just a cultural difference, but it's sort of disconcerting.  I keep wondering if they can tell I'm foreign, if I'm doing something inappropriate or what.

We were looking forward to amazing gelato here, just because we're close to Italy.  Turns out the gelato is only so-so.  But the cakes are AMAZING.  And they have tons of gluten free and raw cakes, which are all tasty.  So when in Ljubljana, get the cakes, not gelato.

Ok, back to grading.


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  1. I was glued to Every Word of this....and the photos were Stunning! Georgia, on her post, said about the hike: "It was beautiful. We walked and talked." If you could just bottle that for so many parents. I feel very moved. And meanwhile, for the last few years, I have quoted to myself: "That which does not kill you, makes you stronger." Take it on, Indya, as a mantra for your teaching. After this NOTHING will be MISSION IMPOSSIBLE! Meanwhile: Mary and Joseph in Slovenia? I can see Jake and Jenny there; and Mary-Claire and Bill there. But Mary and Joseph??? Surely, I am missing something! : ) Love momb