Saturday, August 16, 2014

leaving Knoxville today

Our bags are packed.  Our documents are ready.  Our lists are checked.  We've said our goodbyes.  Now we just have to load the car and head out!

If we ever wondered whether we'd put down deep roots in Tennessee, this summer made it clear that we have.  We'll miss our friends and family a lot, but knowing we'll be back next summer makes it much easier.

Hasta Pronto,

Indya, Ben, Dahlia, Georgia & Bobo

 Bobo's photo of introduction, so the Lufthansa baggage handlers will be nice to him.

Rarely seen - my desk is clear!

We gave away Dahlia's bunk beds.  Why?  Because she'll be starting high school (!) when we get back, so time for a grown-up bed!

Georgia is the best packer.  Her big suitcase has all her clothes, along with two of my sweaters, my winter coat and some gloves.  Her small roller bag, guarded by 'Ella', contains the things she really cares about - books.  She's trusted me to carry her glass animals in my purse. 

Our garage.


  1. I can't wait to read all about your adventures! Safe travels and congratulations on cleaning off your desk. Much love to all of you! - Jill

  2. Where is the picture of the garage door?? ;)