Sunday, August 31, 2014

Growth Mindset

Ben and the girls have had some fun touring around Slovenia, including a trip to Lake Bled that involved paddle boarding and hiking - we must go back when I can go too!  You can read Ben's blog posts here too.

My blogging has slowed down a bit since I have been a tad overwhelmed with all my teaching duties.  Students returned Thursday, and tomorrow we start our first full week.  I am pretty well-prepared... for Monday anyhow.

I am teaching Writing, one class for middle school, one for secondary students, European History 1500-1800, Ancient Civilizations (cave men to the rise of Rome) Geography, Spanish I and Spanish II.  I have a few English Language Learners, although in most cases English will be their 3rd or 4th language.  I have a few students with special needs.  It is a lot!

I'm sharing with my students, and trying to remind myself too, that it's Ok to struggle - in fact struggle is the way we grow our minds.  This is the whole growth vs. fixed mindset thing that is trending, as Dahlia would say.  It seems like a good way to think about this year, as far as our family's adjustment to life abroad and for teaching.   Together we will embrace the challenge, see effort as the path to mastery, etc. etc..

My biggest fear is that I'll muddle through the curriculum but the kids will be bored to tears.

Georgia took this photo of Dahlia.  Granted it was 8th (last) period of the first full day of school, so could be fatigue.  But still!

Today we are sad to miss UT's home football opener.  We've always gone ever since we moved to Knoxville.

As consolation, we took a day trip to Piran, a quaint beach town that flourished under Venetian rule for several hundred years.  Piran was valuable for its salt works.  Salt has a long history in the northern Adriatic, which may explain why our landlords have about 8 different kinds of salt around the kitchen.  The town has beautiful well-preserved gothic architecture, narrow alleys, amazing views of the Adriatic.  Touristy, but not too bad.
Main square - glad G remembered to wear Orange!

Lots of graffiti in Piran too.

European bathers just put their towels down on the sidewalk and that's their beach.  No sand.  

Ben had read that Slovenian law said all beaches had to be public, so we found a rather chi-chi beach-like setting across from some casinos.  We didn't want to pay for towels, umbrellas, etc. so we changed in the car and strolled in like we belonged there.  No problems!  And the water was lovely.

Slovenian RV.  

It was the beginning of some kind of music festival in Piran.  A large crowd of slightly tipsy folks with accordians and a tuba made a pleasant parade through the town.  Not a good photo, but fun to see and hear.

Today's Lesson:
Don't order shrimp unless you don't mind shelling it yourself, head and all.
Many stores are closed Sunday, or have abbreviated hours.

In case you missed it, here's our Georgia, wearing her ski helmet and goggles while biking.


  1. Dad and I spent SIX (!!!!) hours today trying to figure out our route from Ljubljana to board the Queen Elizabeth in Southampton on the 10th of January, arriving in NYC on the 18th. We really only have a week if we leave you on the 4th, so in short...we cut out Milan to Cannes (Renee Pasero) and opted instead for Prague, Cologne, and Calais (to Dover and Bath!!!!)

    So excited about this all. And meanwhile we are so proud of you, the Parents: Indya and Ben. Indya, love that you are ahead of things, at least through tomorrow. :) You couldn't pay for a better example of a woman (you) with determination and openness and honesty and self-confidence for your girls. I totally believe in struggle. And process. And humor. That's why the photo of Dahlia is so great!!!

    And hit that Slovenian Law hard. You have a precedent on Nantucket. Seems like SALT is a huge thing. I think of last summer on our way to a boat: Lubeck, Germany to Copenhagen, Denmark. Lubeck was part of the Hanseatic League in Medieval Germany....all based on salt. I guess SALT is a big deal!!! Accordians and Tuba: love it.

    Dad just did a taste test of 2 kinds of Pinot Noir. Liked them both but now not too sober!!! Love you all so much and forgive us for such pride in each of you!!! lv momb/gromi

  2. Found your blog, as many will, from Glenn Reynolds. Looking forward to following your adventure. Euro 1.10 for decent wine? I'm green with envy.